What you can expect from a B2B Marketing Expert

The B2B marketing professional understands customers, analyzes needs and then bridges the gap between industry experts and the sales. He knows how the products and services have to be commercialized, in order to raise trust and preference among potential customers. He is able to manage the knowledge in such a way, that the balance between useful information and the brand message is achieved, thus making consultation and sales more efficient. He implements strategies in a way, to target and effect customer groups in a differentiated and results-oriented fashion. Yes – the marketing professional can be utilized very well across all disciplines.


  • A commercial strategy that is derived from the corporate strategy must be drawn up, a clear understanding of customers and customer relations is just as central as the knowledge of the brand and positioning of the company. For the performance measurement, marketing and key sales figures must be defined and there must be clear, how to actively develop a lead to become a loyal customer.
  • Analysis and structuring of products and services is an another great area of responsibilities: simple product structures, understandable features, reliable modules or complete solutions as well as ancillary services have to be defined, organized and marketed. It is less about the technical details, but rather the customers expections, their value perception and the needs relevant across all sectors is (e.g., consulting, planning, coordination, training, after sales service).
  • To find the balance between useful information, knowledge which will help the customer, and the brand message, the positive image of your own company, is a critical task. Marketing must be not the intellectual owner of each solution and know every technical detail, but the format and scope of information must be relevant and understandable. You need to reach the right recipient at the right time and even highly technical or complex content must be communicated in an exciting, entertaining, easy, emotional way and only with as much detail as necessary. Trade press, new channels and media, including social media, must be used creative yet efficiently and goal-oriented.

Marketing- and sales strategy or product management and communication are examples for many demanding tasks in B2B marketing. What do you think? How well are the scientific academic or engineer trained, to solve these tasks efficiently, effectively and with fresh ideas?