Innovative Thinking to Drive Commercialization of Logistics Services

canstockphoto15001913Geobrand was originally developed jointly with Greenstreet, to respond to the requirements of the sales and marketing organization of one Logistics Service Provider only, who needed a powerful solution to illustrate global logistics services efficiently and on-brand.

Great to see that this was not a one-hit wonder but a sustainable, powerful solution that made it to the cover page of American Shipper recently!

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A Different Kind of Workware!

Corp Fashion“After receiving numerous customer complaints, a German plumbing firm bought their plumbers a new t-shirt, designed to make their employees more attractive to the customers.”, this was the comment I received from a friend about this special version of workware. Originally the campaign was targeted towards teenager, trying to create a Western union agent buzz for craft apprenticeships.

However- defintely attention getting and smart.

Congratulations kommazumpunkt !