Largely the systems and tools for marketing did not meet the central and de-central requirements at the same time. They were rarely flexible enough to meet the needs of local companies and did not always fulfill the requirements to make the company look uniform in the market. Creating solutions to increase the productivity was a remarkable challenge.

Ways to Adress the Challenge

Identify Tools

Create Systems

Web to Print I

Web to Print II

Geo Brand

Digital Asset Management

Proposal Automation

Activities and Projects

  • Created central databases with templates and customizable content
  • Implemented on-demand printing
  • Implemented proposal management software
  • Implemented image and media database (digital asset management)
  • Implemented design program for the creation of branded maps (GeoBrand)
  • Documented requirements specification and functionality description
  • Defined policies and processes
  • Selected software partners
  • Analysed content and document structures


“Together we created a system as a result of Holder’s frustration hiring designers to transform collateral, into visually compelling documents any staff member worldwide could utilize while maintaining corporate design guidelines.”

CEO and Creative Director of renowned Advertising Agency