Product Management

What was offered and sold by a company was not necessarily what was claimed to be offered or sold – I had to learn this lesson with various companies in my career. The challenge was, that the products and services were often poorly defined and the contexts between product and brand was often unclear.

How to Adress the Challenges

Analyze Portfolio

Define Portfolio

Manage Innovation

Develop Products

Manage Products

Define USP`s

Projects and Activities

  • Analyzed portfolio, clustered products, created hierarchies and simplified services
  • Established taxonomy and concepts for products and portfolio
  • Analyzed, structured and simplified service offerings
  • Established product indicators and metrics (sales, costs, prices etc.)
  • Defined USPs and sales arguments
  • Updated product and internal communication
  • Executed training and change management


“Commercialization of Products and Service remains an underdeveloped B2B chapter. Holger is one of the rare persons that have the passion and the creativity to come up with ideas and concepts to better visualize and understand the complex service offerings.”

SVP Marketing and Sales of a global B2B company.