The challenge was often an unclear articulated or non-existent strategy for the market development. Companies faced difficulties to align the company to the needs of customers and the market, because that group strategies had an internal focus or the structures and resources for the implementation were missing or not optimally organized.

Ways to Adress the Challenges

Develop Strategy

Develop Roadmaps

Implement Campaigns

Monitor Results

Design Processes

Design Oganization

Define Interfaces

Projects and Activities

  • Analyzed customers, markets, competitors, and trends
  • Developed marketing strategies and objectives
  • Defined Marketing-Mix
  • Established success controls and metrics
  • Managed, controlled and reported on performance
  • Defined organizations and tasks
  • Defined processes (value creation and workflows)
  • Identified resource requirements (staff and budget)
  • Recruited, trained and led the team
  • Questioned service provider’s models and purchase systems


„For the first time, since more than 25years in this company, I understand in a few pages what our marketing and sales strategy entails.”

CEO of international enterprises