The brands and corporate values were often not defined or inflationary. Some companies experienced rapid organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, so that the values and the culture where left behind. For others a new brand arose from many different brands, visually too. And in turn others cannibalized their brand by underinvesting or suspected too much during the change process. Managing the brand and brand and position it for growth and profit was a real challenge.

Ways to Adress the Challenge

Apply Systematic Approach

Build Architecture

Develop Naming

Define Model

Define Attributes

Manage Positioning

Manage Matrix

Implement New Brands

Active Engagement

Implement CI/CD

Activities and Projects

  • Defined procedures for brand management
  • Defined brand architectures and brand models
  • Developed names and Visual implementations of the brands
  • Developed value systems, brand models, and positioning matrix
  • Manage brand positioning
  • Implemented change management programs and ensured knowledge transfer
  • Implemented CI/CD


“Our company evolved from the craft business to be an innovative system engineer, Mr Altvater has helped our brand tokeep pace with changing trends.”

Owner of an SME business
facing a change in Generations