One challenge was the balance between an emotional brand message and useful information. Another one was to present the information in a relevant and understandable way and ensuring that they reach the right recipient at the right. In various projects highly technical or complex content had to be communicated exciting, entertaining, easy, emotional and only as detailed as necessary. Agencies and freelancers had to be directed and the press and media had to be handled in an expedient and efficient manner.

Ways to Adress the Challenge

Think Big

Define New Looks

Be Revolutionary

Create Awareness

Take the Challenge

Be Consistent

Be Creative

Media Planning

Measure Media


Projects and Activities

  • Created communication strategies and plans
  • Developed media strategies and plans
  • Selected communication means and measures
  • Selected and controlled agencies and other external partners
  • Created and coordinated messages and content
  • Evaluated communication performance
  • Initiated new projects in the field of interactive, social media and apps
  • Managed briefings, adaptations, approvals, bookings, budgets, etc


“Holger manages communication strategies, understands marketing mediums, is skilled at vendor-agency-management, and can execute complex global campaigns with measurable results. He is creative, patient, detailed and reliable.”

Owner of a mid-sized Media Agency


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